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China Nerin Successfully Signed a Zimbabwean Lithium Project of Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

January 17, China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "China Nerin") and Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Yahua Group") co-hosted an engineering design contract signing ceremony on Zimbabwe Kamativi Polymetallic Lithium Project at the headquarter of China Nerin in Nanchang, Jiangxi. General Manager Wu Runhua of China Nerin and CEO Gao Xin of Yahua Group signed the engineering design contract separately on behalf of their side. The ceremony was attended by Yue Xiaoqi, Director of Operations in Lithium Business, Hu Daiwen, General Manager of Mining Department, and Xie Shulin, Deputy General Manager of Mining Department from Yahua Group; and Hu Hu, Deputy General Manager, Shen Louyan, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer in of Mining, Yang Xiaowei, Chief Safety and Quality Officer, Li Zhenlin, Deputy Chief Engineer, and project managers from Nerin.


Yahua Group was incorporated in 1952, among the first few chemical companies in China. It has two main businesses – lithium and civil explosive. Major products in lithium sector include lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate and other lithium compounds, leading first in the industry. It is one of the makers of the national standard on buttery-level lithium hydroxide. Yahua Group has stepped up its lithium business on lithium concentrate resources and established a stable supply system of lithium resource by holding or purchasing shares in projects like Zimbabwe Kamativi.

China Nerin has long been working in the field of lithium resources and steering the industry. It undertook engineering design and management on projects like large-scale lithium mines and lithium deep processing for well-known corporations, forming proprietary technology for efficient exploration and exploitation of lithium ores. Following up the project, China Nerin will make the most of its technology advantage to offer the best technology proposals and the finest technology services for an earlier completion and start-up of the project.